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Спасибо, посылка пришла!


Посылка пришла! Спасибо за подарок! Почему-то пришла самолётом, что очень приятно, так как быстрее....


Здравствуйте,, сделала заказ, не могу оплатить по карте. Как это сделать, напишите мне пожалуйста...

Creams and scrubs for weight loss

Scrubs from natural ingredients quickly exfoliate

keratinized particles of the skin, feeding it with vitamins and oils.

Thanks to such a care in Thai, the skin becomes smooth and

tucked up !!

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    Effective cream for correcting the figure in three days! The composition of the cream includes: green tea, chili oil and noni extract, it is thanks to these components that extra centimeters go away in such a fast time. The composition of the cream also includes vitamins and protein, which nourish the skin and tighten it. Read more below...

    350 THB
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    Natural scrub with coffee not only deeply cleans, but also saturates the skin with useful natural substances. Scrub tones skin cells, improves metabolism, removes toxins, enhances oxygen flow into cells, improves blood circulation. Coffee scrub effectively fights with fat deposits and cellulite. After the first application, the skin is tightened, it...

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    Very popular cream among slimming. The composition of the cream includes caffeine, which is actively involved in the splitting of fat cells and the fight against cellulite. The hot cream is easy to use, but effective after the first application, the volumes are significantly reduced, especially after two weeks of active use.

    250 THB
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items