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Increases fat metabolism, increases the metabolism of fat in the muscles, reduces fat accumulation.
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The composition Garcinia Plus Garcinia cambogia is included as an extract, Green tea in the same form and L-carnitine.

Hydroxycitric acid (GCR) from the Garcinia cambogia helps restore the lipid metabolism, as well as the deactivation of the enzyme ATP citrate lyase, the organization promoting the assimilation of energy at the time of conversion of carbohydrates instead of storing them in the form of excess fat.
In turn, the Green tea provides a powerful antioxidant action of natural origin. This contributes to the content of epigallocatechin gallate, which also provides effective detoxification.
L-carnitine exerts catalytic action of the metabolism in the body cells, thus accelerating the generation of energy. It is of great importance for the functioning of the brain, heart, muscle contractile processes, for a variety of other systems and organs.

The drug helps to catalyze the oxidation processes including lipids, and thus effectively reduced weight;
It has antioxidant and anti-cancer effect (due to the phenolic compounds);
It helps energy production;
It reduces the level of cholesterol in the bloodstream and reduces the likelihood of developing coronary heart disease.

Application: 2 capsules two times daily.
Active Ingredients:
The extract of Garcinia cambogia 200 mg .;
Green tea extract 100 mg;
L-carnitine 100 mg.
The package contains 60 capsules.
Additional Information.
In Indochina Garcinia Extract is a proven treatment for tumors and swelling, helps in case of gastric ulcer, with the existence of parasites in the body, under adverse changes in the menstrual cycle of women. It is also used to address problems with dysentery and the normalization of the digestive process.
This component helps to effectively solve the problems of obesity, but for best results will need to provide your body the increased loads.
The main component of Garcinia, hydroxycitric acid, helps launch the destruction of lipids in the body. And the presence of fruit acid helps reduce the appetite by timely signaling the saturation of the brain. Also, the extract provides effective fat burning.
L-carnitine is often used by athletes, it is good quality and helps to bring the figure in order to normalize body weight. Effective with sports loads. Getting a large amount of energy is rapidly oxidized fatty acids in large quantities produces ATP. L-carnitine helps to relieve fatigue, weight loss and to ensure an adequate supply of power.
The properties of green tea as a powerful antioxidant providing bringing a person's weight to normal, strengthen blood vessels, improvement of the body as a whole and reduce cholesterol levels. Green tea extract improves the immune system, normalizes metabolism in the body, restores hormonal balance. Acceptance of this tea is recommended in case of heart disease, lowered immunity and fatigue person. It has the ability to enhance the beneficial properties of Garcinia effectively complementing it.


if overweight;

the need to increase physical activity.

Contraindications: diabetes, pregnancy, lactation. Not recommended for normal or underweight.


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Increases fat metabolism, increases the metabolism of fat in the muscles, reduces fat accumulation.
Read more below ..